The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

About us
Your privacy is important to Father Mathews and maintaining your trust is paramount to us. We are
fully committed to keeping your personal information safe. This privacy policy is intended to provide
you with information about the personal information we collect and how that information is used and
Father Mathews Basketball Club is affiliated to Cork County Basketball Boards and to Basketball
Ireland. Basketball Ireland is the governing body for the sport of basketball in Ireland.

Summary of how Father Mathews use your data
 Father Mathews Basketball Club uses your personal data to manage and administer your
membership and your involvement with its teams and club, and to keep in contact with you for
these purposes.
 Some data is shared with Basketball Ireland and Cork County Basketball Boards, who use
your data to regulate, develop and manage the game.
 Father Mathews Basketball Club uses to provide membership services
and securely process payments.
 Amongst the data we collect from you may be medical (including injury) information. We will
hold this where you (or your parent/guardian) have given consent, so that we can ensure we
are aware of your condition and can that you are supported appropriately.
 Where you work in a particular role within the club, you will be required to undergo a vetting
disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau. The result of this check will be input into your
personal record on Basketball Ireland’s database system (where appropriate)
 Where we rely on your consent, such as any consent we seek for email marketing, you can
withdraw this consent at any time.

Who has this Notice being written for?
This notice applies to all members of Father Mathews Basketball Club. Some of our members might
be classified as a ‘child’ for the purposes of the application of the Data Protection Regulation in this
State. For the avoidance of doubt a reference to “child” in the Regulation shall be taken to be a
reference to a person under the age of 18 years and as such this notice is directed at them and their
parents and guardians.

What does this privacy notice cover?
This privacy notice describes how Father Mathews (also referred to as “we”) will make use of the data
we handle in relation to our members and players. It also describes your data protection rights,
including a right to object to some of the processing we carry out.

What information do we collect?
We collect and process personal data from you or your parent or guardian when you join and when
we carry out annual renewals of your membership. This includes:
 your name;
 your gender;
 your date of birth;
 your Basketball Ireland licence number;
 your home address, email address and phone number;
 full name and telephone number of emergency contacts nominated by you;
 your type of membership and involvement in particular teams, or any key role you may have
been allocated, such as Chair, Child Welfare Officer, Membership Secretary etc.;
 details of any coaching or officiating licences you may hold;
 your payment and/or bank account details, where you provide these to pay for membership;
 your marketing preferences, including any consents you have given us;
 your medical conditions or disability, where you provide this to us with your consent (or your
parent’s consent) to ensure we are aware of any support we may need to provide to you.
 You may also choose to provide us with other information.
Some information will be generated as part of your involvement with us, in particular data about your
performance, involvement in particular matches in match reports and details of any disciplinary issues
or incidents you may be involved in on and off the court.

What information do we receive from third parties?
Sometimes, we receive information about you from third parties. For example, if you are a child, we
may be given information about you by your parent or guardian.
We may receive information relating to your existing registrations with other clubs or disciplinary
history. Additionally, for certain role holders, or those working with children, we may receive National
Vetting Bureau information on the status of any vetting disclosure check you have been required to

How do we use this information, and what is the legal basis for this use?
We process this personal data as required by us to conduct our business and pursue our legitimate
interests. The legitimate interests are registering you as a member of Father Mathews Basketball
Club and to administer the sport. In particular:
 we will use your information to manage and administer your membership and your
involvement with Father Mathews teams and club, and to keep in contact with you for these

 we will promote and encourage participation in basketball by sending communications and
booking information for upcoming competitions and events (e.g. “camps” etc);
 we will collect and process your data for the purposes of registering you as a member of Cork
County Basketball Boards and Basketball Ireland, and administering your involvement in the
 we will also use data to maintain records of our performances and history, including match
reports, score lines and team sheets;
 our competitions and events may be filmed or photographed and your personal information
may also be used in images captured from our competitions and events, which we use for
promotional, education and judi slot gacor gampang menang development purposes;
 we will invite our members as award winners or guests to our annual awards dinner /
ceremony, which includes asking our members to nominate individuals for awards and
shortlisting such individuals to select the winners, who we will then contact;
 we will develop and maintain our members’ qualifications, including sending email
communications to members to inform them of upcoming courses, renewal requirements and
verify that they have completed any mandatory training and child safeguarding;
 we will respond to, and communicate with, members regarding questions, comments, support
needs or complaints, concerns or allegations in relation to basketball or club matters;
 CCTV cameras are used to maintain the security of Father Mathews Arena, Model Farm
Road, and we may use this video to investigate incidents;
Where you give us consent:
 we may handle medical or disability information you or your parent provides to us, to ensure
we support you appropriately;
 on other occasions where we ask you for consent, we will use the data for the purpose which
we explain at that time.
For purposes which are required by law:
 we maintain records such as health and safety records and accounting records in order to
meet specific legal requirements;
 we ensure, where you will work with children, that you have undergone an appropriate vetting
disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau – this is also carried out with your consent;
 where you hold a role at Father Mathews requiring us to check your right to work, we may
process information to meet our statutory duties;
 we may respond to requests situs slot gacor by government or law enforcement authorities conducting an

Withdrawing consent or otherwise objecting to direct marketing
Wherever we rely on your consent, you will always be able to withdraw that consent, although we may
have other legal grounds for processing your data for other purposes, such as those set out above. In
some cases, we are able to send you direct marketing without your consent, where we rely on our
legitimate interests. You have an absolute right to opt-out of direct marketing, at any time.

Who will we share this data with, where and when?
Except as disclosed in this Privacy Notice, we will not disclose personal data that we collect to any
parties other than those with whom we partner or are affiliated with, without your consent.
We will share your data with Basketball Ireland and Cork Basketball Boards, who are “data
controllers” of your personal information when they receive it, for the purposes of registering you as a member of Cork County Basketball Boards and Basketball Ireland and administering your
involvement in the sport.
Data will be shared with who provide us with membership services and secure
payment processing., are a “data controller” of your personal information when
they receive it, and are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. A copy of their privacy
notice is available on their website.
Some limited information may be shared with other stakeholders in basketball, such as other clubs,
associations, league organisers, so that they can maintain appropriate records and assist us in
organising matches and administering the game.
Our website and mobile applications use interfaces with social media sites such as Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter and others. If you choose to like or share information from our sites through these
services, you should review the privacy policy of that service.
Personal data may be shared with government authorities and/or law enforcement officials if required
for the purposes above, if mandated by law or if required for the legal protection of our legitimate
interests in compliance with applicable laws.

What rights do I have?
You have the right to ask us for a copy of your personal data; to correct, delete or restrict (stop any
active) processing of your personal data; and to obtain the personal data you provide to us.
In addition, you can object to the processing of your personal data in some circumstances (in
particular, where we don’t have to process the data to meet a contractual or other legal requirement,
or where we are using the data for direct marketing).
These rights may be slot online yang sering kasih jackpot limited, for example if fulfilling your request would reveal personal data about
another person, or if you ask us to delete information which we are required by law to keep or have
compelling legitimate interests in keeping.
To exercise any of these rights, you can get in touch with us. If you have unresolved concerns, you
have the right to complain to the Data Commissioner’s Office.
Much of the information listed above must be provided on a mandatory basis so that we can make the
appropriate legal checks and register you as required by Cork County Basketball Boards or
Basketball Ireland Rules and Regulations. We will inform you which information is mandatory when it
is collected. Some information is optional, particularly information such as your medical information. If
this is not provided, we may not be able to provide you with appropriate assistance, services or

How long will we retain your data?
We will retain your personal information no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it
was collected and to comply with our business and legal obligations.
We will delete your information on a staged basis as follows:
Type of Data When Deleted
Name, date of birth, gender, email address,
address, telephone number, and details of any
coaching or officiating licenses you hold

Three years after an individual has last renewed
their membership with the club.

Data on any injuries, medical conditions etc as
provided by you

One year or on the receipt of a new club annual
membership form
Membership forms Three years
Vetting data, ID forms and application forms Four years after the receipt of a vetting

application on its expiry

Competition results, records of your
involvement in a particular match on team
sheets or in match reports


Summer Camp or other training camp

One year or on the receipt of a new application

Text or messaging systems Rolling 12 months
Team sheets and training attendance lists One year
Where we process personal data for marketing purposes or with your consent, we process the data
for one year unless you ask us to stop, when we will only process the data for a short period after this
(to allow us to implement your requests). We also keep a record of the fact that you have asked us
not to send you direct marketing so that we can respect your request in future.
We will retain information held to maintain statutory records in line with appropriate statutory
requirements or guidance.

Queries or Complaints?
We hope that we can satisfy queries you may have about the way we process your data. If you
require any further information about how we process your data, or would like to opt out of direct
marketing you can get in touch with Father Mathews Basketball Club.
If you have any concerns or complaints in relation to how we collect or processes your personal data,
you should contact Father Mathews Basketball Club in the first instance. If you are dissatisfied with
how your concern/complaint is dealt with, you have the right to report your concern/complaint to the
Data Protection Commissioner (